Oxygen scavengers and alkalizing chemicals

KK-AMINA and AMINA are boiler water chemicals for high-pressure boilers. They contain volatile amines and an oxygen binding component.

The oxygen binding component binds oxygen and prevents corrosion by forming a tight magnetite film on all heat transfer surfaces. Volatile amines set the pH of feed water, steam and condensate at an optimal level, preventing corrosion caused by a low pH value.



KK-AMINOX 60 oxygen scavenger

KK-AMINOX 60 has been developed for the deoxidization of feed water in high-pressure boilers and for the passivation of heat transfer surfaces. KK-AMINOX 60 prevents pit corrosion by binding oxygen and by contributing to the formation of a protective magnetite film on heat transfer surfaces. It also reduces the content of soluble metal ions in the system and generates very simple reaction and disintegration products.


  • in applications where steam is used to moisten ventilated air

  • in applications where steam is in contact with pulp or food packaging materials

  • magnetite processing

  • wet storage of boilers


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